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faqIf you have any questions about Body Conquest, what we do and how we achieve our results, take a look through our frequently answered questions section below.  

Should you not find the answer to your query don't hesitate to contact us, we will be only too happy to respond!

What kind of people train at Body Conquest?

We have a huge variety of people from all backgrounds that train at Body Conquest. Our members have a variety of goals, including competition preparation, general strength training and injury rehabilitation.

How quickly will I see results?

Often, we can quickly fix technical issues for those that have been self-trained or have not had professional strength coaching and results will be immediate. Our environment allows even seasoned lifters to constantly improve their results by training and surrounding themselves with people who hold similar goals.

Results in terms of weight loss or fat loss to be specific? How long is a piece of string? That question has so many variables and is dependant upon so many things. Let’s say if your compliancy is 95% and above your results will be absolutely fantastic. You will look, feel and perform better.

I have an injury, can I still train?

Always seek professional help when you have an injury – we can recommend physicians that are experienced in treating a range of different problems. When you have a clear understanding of your needs, we will help you train within your limits whilst you work on your rehabilitation. Injuries can happen but they are usually extremely manageable and we never let them stop us.

Do I need to be fit / strong before I join?

We have members that started out at Body Conquest with little to no experience in strength training that are now smashing state and national competitions. A reasonable level of fitness is an advantage but we cater for a wide range of backgrounds and a positive and committed attitude is all you really need. If you are an absolute beginner that won’t be a problem at all so don’t be shy.

Do I have to compete?

We have plenty of members who have no desire to compete and love strength training for what it is. They train with Body Conquest to get strong, stay for the atmosphere and excel at what they do. Other members that are focused on competitions are provided with tailored programs and all the support they need to get an excellent outcome from comp day. The choice is yours.

Can I injure myself doing powerlifting / strongman / strongwoman?

You can injure yourself in any sport and strength training is definitely not immune. We will do our best to ensure that you are training in a safe environment and using the correct technique for injury prevention. At Body Conquest, we will teach you how to lift correctly and strengthen your body to help prevent injury.

Do I need to buy special gear?

Special training gear is not a requirement for strength training but some members will choose to use certain gear as they progress into competition-level lifting. This can include things such as belts, wrist wraps, knee sleeves or soft suits. Some of these items are available to try out at the gym and we can help you select and purchase the correct gear if you decide to use it.

I am a vegetarian. Can Body Conquest cater for me?

vegetarianBody Conquest is proud to offer programs that cater to all lifestyles, and have seen fantastic successes with our various plans including ut not limited to: vegetarian, vegan, aquavarian, and everything in-between. We always work around your food sensitivities and proclivities so you never have to eat anything you don’t like or doesn’t sit with your spiritualism. There is a great deal of flexibility and choice in all of our suggested nutrition plans.

I don’t like gyms and don’t wish to join one. Can I train at home?

Body Conquest knows that lifestyles and time management are high influences on meeting motivation for physical change, which is why we can provide specific programs adapted to your personal needs. Provided you have some basic equipment, you can train at home. Whilst our gym will allow for more variety in exercises, with basic equipment, working out at home is a very viable alternative.

For starting out I suggest a fit ball and perhaps 3 sets of dumbbells of several different weight increments : i.e. 2kg, 3kg, 5kg. A barbell (BB) with adjustable weight plates would be an excellent addition to the above equipment. All of these articles are easily sourced from local sports stores or even second hand. A home gym option is another home training alternative. Check out the excellent article on training at home in the blog section of this site as a further guide to setting yourself up at home to achieve your body goals.

If I train at home, how will I know what to do?

Body Conquest will design a specific program for your requirements and goals and will guide you right through it during your first session with one of our trainers. Your trainer will aide you to identify each exercise and ensure that you get the technique right so you start seeing results sooner. The Body Conquest youtube channel provides great video and pictures as well as written descriptions of all exercises as a handy online reference to ensure that you get the most out your Body Conquest experience.

I am quite an experienced trainer myself and even have the Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 in Fitness. Can Body Conquest help me to refine my physique that bit further?

Body Conquest helps train many clients that are personal trainers, fitness instructors or bodybuilders/Figure competitors themselves. Everyone needs coaches, mentors or trainers to help get the most out of programs safely and efficiently, as well as for psychological support. The accountability, support and motivation that the Body Conquest team provide is just as important our fitness and nutrition programs. Whilst many people think they are training and eating correctly – this is often not the case and the Body Conquest team may just be able to fine tune your program to break your plateau and boost your success.

I don’t want to get big and bulky….will weight training do this ? I want to maintain or develop more feminine lean and defined figure.

Part of the reason for the success of Body Conquests programs is the very specific weight training/load bearing exercise plans we develop. The majority of our clients want to lose body fat which revolves around changing your body composition. This translates to losing body fat and gaining lean muscle. Many people do not understand and misinterpret this translation, thinking that building lean muscle will make them 'bulky'. Thankfully this misleading and false myth is slowing fading away due to better information being made available.

Women simply do not have significant amounts of the male hormone testosterone, to become naturally bulky and muscular. Body Conquests proven programs will completely reshape and define your body giving you your femininity, by developing additional lean muscle whilst removing body fat.

Can I be social whilst adhering to the nutritional element of my Body Conquest Program?

socialDefinitely! We are social creatures and should remain that way. Body Conquests nutrition plans allow for social occasions where you can treat yourself to a 'free' meal where you can eat whatever you like. Your Body Conquest trainer will also be happy to provide you with instructions and advice on how to choose your meal when dining out if still wishing to stay within your nutrition plan guidelines. You can always choose healthier alternatives when dining out in nearly all styles of cuisine.

I don’t want to body build and I am not overweight, I just want to be fitter and healthier. Does Body Conquest cater for people like me?

just-want-fitter-healthierUnquestionably! The Body Conquest programs are not just for those who are overweight, rather they are individually constructed to suit each individuals physique and nutritional goals. If you wish to lose just a little weight, or want to see a bit more muscle definition, the Body Conquest team can definitely help you achieve what you wish. You may want to build your strength, establish healthy eating habits, improve your energy levels, be able to perform full chin ups/push ups, be able to complete a triathlon, bounce out of bed with vigor or simply be able to stick to a plan for 12 weeks. Whatever your goals are the Body Conquest team will help you achieve them!

I don’t have a lot of time to be weighing and measuring food, what kinds of foods will I be eating following a Body Conquest program?

no-time-to-weigh-foodThe good news is you won't be counting calories, you won't be weighing food and you won't be hungry! It can't get much easier than that! Body Conquests nutritional plans are simple and straightforward - if you can pick it off a tree, pull it out of the ground, or if you can catch it, you can eat it! That is our basic premise.

What kind of results can I expect from the Body Conquest 12 week "Fat Loss Course"?

10-week-fat-loss-online-faqEverybody's results are dependent on their own individual characteristics that include gender, age, activity level, starting weight and body fat, as well as individual motivation and diligence to adhere to their tailored program. The more changes you make, the more the results will show. After as little as ten weeks of conscious change, your body will adapt to the new routine and you will look and feel a whole lot better.

Some of the changes that you will observe by the end of this wellness program will include:

  • An improvement in skin texture due to the addition of essential fats, protein and other vital nutrients.
  • An increase in energy levels
  • Changes in body composition : more toned, lean muscle, less body-fat.
  • Improvement in abnormal blood sugar, blood pressure
  • Diminished cravings
  • An improvement in the strength and health of things like your fingernails and hair
  • Much higher self-esteem and confidence

Make sure you read through the Body Conquest Testimonials section of this site to read about some of the successes Body Conquest clients have made through us !


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