Body Conquest, established in 2006, is Geelong and the Bellarine’s leading personal training service, priding itself on the delivery of quality personalised programs with demonstrated results. Under the leadership of Ingrid Barclay, who has for over 30 years provided knowledge, experience and skills to the wider community, Body Conquest has gained an enviable reputation and a highly respected position in the Australian fitness industry.

Operating out of their Geelong private studio, the team at Body Conquest provides specialised, individually tailored programs to our clients both in the gym and online.

Self Motivation Is The Best Motivation

Stay Focussed Stay Fit & Stay Healthy


Relaxed For More Reward

Body Conquest knows that going to a commercial gym is not ideal for many of their clients and can often be intimidating, which is a big deterrent to motivation and achieving lasting results. The team has worked hard to develop and maintain a small and friendly gym with an approachable and relaxed environment to ensure you get the most reward out of your experience.


Dedication To Results

All Body Conquest Programs are individually tailored after an initial consultation and fitness assessment and include dietary and nutritional guidelines to help achieve specific goals.The highly dedicated team of trainers are not only there to ensure your physical experience is safe and healthy, but to provide a positive, friendly and motivating environment to aide psychologically in your quest for physical change.


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To learn more about the Body Conquest team and how they can help you achieve fitness goals from general fitness to weight loss, strength training  or competition, take a minute to fill our our online form or contact us on 0424 18 0093 and let a member or our dedicated staff start getting your health and fitness to where you want it!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Body Conquest, what we do and how we achieve our results, take a look through our frequently answered questions section below.

Should you not find the answer to your query don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be only too happy to respond!

What kind of people train at Body Conquest?
How quickly will I see results?
I have an injury, can I still train?
Do I need to be fit / strong before I join?
Do I have to compete?
Can I injure myself doing powerlifting / strongman / strongwoman?
Do I need to buy special gear?
I am a vegetarian. Can Body Conquest cater for me?
I don’t like gyms and don’t wish to join one. Can I train at home?
If I train at home, how will I know what to do?
I am quite an experienced trainer myself and even have the Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 in Fitness. Can Body Conquest help me to refine my physique that bit further?
I don’t want to get big and bulky — will weight training do this? I want to maintain or develop more feminine lean and defined figure.
Can I be social whilst adhering to the nutritional element of my Body Conquest Program?
I don’t want to body build and I am not overweight; I just want to be fitter and healthier. Does Body Conquest cater for people like me?
I don’t have a lot of time to be weighing and measuring food, what kinds of foods will I be eating following a Body Conquest program?
What kind of results can I expect from the Body Conquest 12 week ``Fat Loss Course``?

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