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The team at Body Conquest

Step 3 - Act Out The Part

Ingrid Barclay Geelong's leading personal trainer and emotional eating expert talks you through your second task on your goal card - that of creating your written description. You have to use the three "P's" - so watch carerully to ensure that you do so.

End Emotional Eating - Goal Card Task 2

Ingird Barclay Geelongs leading personal trainer talks through the second part of designing your picture card. All this in a quest to permanenetly end your emotional or disordered relationsahip with food. Creating the written description requires the3 use of the three "P's". Read on!

GPC Powerlifting Summer Classic

Some of the footage of Team Body Conquest from the Global Powerlifting Committee Summer Classic at PTC Headquarters Carrum Downs, on January 2016

End Emotional Eating Part 3 - Designing Self Image

Body Conquest Geelong Personal Trainer Ingrid Barclay takes you through part 3 of her End Emotional Eating Course - Starting to create a new self image.

End Emotional Eating Part 2 - Self Concept

Ingrid Barclay from Body Conquest, Geelong talks further about Ending Emotional Eating. Today Ingrid introduces the topic of self-concept quoting Brian Tracy author of Maximum Achievement for further reading. Task 3 of the program is delivered.

Utilising Breathing Techniques To Improve Lifting

Body Conquest Geelong Personal Trainer Ji Cottrill demonstrates how to utilise good breathing techniques and how to use the diaphragm during heavy lifts such as the squat and bench press.

Deadlift Hyperextensions

Body Conquest Geelong Personal Trainer Ji Cottrill demonstrates how to perform a powerlifting assistance exercise called a deadlift hyperextension. This exercise is useful for strengthening the middle and lower back (erector spinae) to improve deadlifts.

Emotional Eating Tips Part 1

Body Conquest Trainer Ingrid Barclay talks about emotional eating, her soon to be out DIY Contest Prep book, and her emotional eating course.

Emotional Eating Choice

Body Conquest Geelong Personal Trainer, Contest Coach and Author Ingrid Barclay talks about emotional eating and making conscious choices.

Emotional Eating Course Introduction

Ingrid Barclay is offering up a huuuuge opportunity for people to get the Emotional Eating Course delivered over 6 months. She talks about it here..

If you find yourself struggling with food control, whether it is utilising food as a crutch, eating from boredom, loneliness, or various other sensations, this course will be a toll in taking back control!

Cable Biceps Curl

Body Conquest Trainer demonstrates how to perform a cable biceps curl variation, great for checkout out your own guns!!

Incline Dumbbell Curls

Ingrid Barclay demonstrates how to perform an incline dumbbell biceps curl - a variation of spider curls. This advanced technique may look a little like cheating, but it actually allows for the tension to remain in the biceps at all times during the curl.

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Body Conquest Trainer Ji Cottrill demonstrates how to perform a incline dumbbell chest press.

Advanced Technique For Barbell Lunges

Head Trainer Ingrid Barclay demonstrates an advanced (and very different) way of performing barbell lunges.

This technique shifts the emphasis from utilising the glutes to greater pressure on the quadriceps.

Parallel Bar Dips For Triceps

One of the top two exercises  (close grip bench being the other!) for packing on some serious muscle and strength in your arms, particularly the triceps brachii

Advanced Technique for Leg Extensions

Head Body Conquest Trainer Ingrid Barclay demonstrates another of her advanced lifting techniques - a leg extension that doesn't utilise the top third of the range of movement. This does 2 things, firstly, it prevents a bone on bone shear force enacting upon your knee joint (one of the major issues that is argued about utilising knee extensions) and secondly, it keeps the continual tension on the quadriceps muscles.

Advanced Leg Press Technique

The leg press technique demonstrated here by head trainer Ingrid Barclay is slightly different to how we normall prescribe leg press for beginning clients.

By taking out the top third of the movement where lockout occurs, we prevent the load being removed from the quadriceps - tension is always on - thus, greater "time under tension" results from the movement.

Watch out, it burns!!

Push Press

An explosive power movement variation of the military press.

This is a great exercise for iproving the explosive capabilties of your shoulders for sports training, and also a great variation to improve the type IIB muscle fibres in the shoulders for bodybuilding

Dips For Chest

A great demonstration of how to perform a good quality parallel bar dip for the chest muscles

Glute Ham Raises

Glute Ham raises are pure torture. You don't think so? I bet you haven't tried them then.. The most irritatingly crampy hurty deep feeling hamstring exercise I think I have ever tried.

You can either use one of those fancy glute/ham raise machines like Body Conquest has, or you can attempt to do them with your feet anchored in to a lat pull down machine, or have a friend (a trusted one!) pin your feet down on a bench or floor!

This will develop some nice posterior chain, something that many people forget about, because we don't check our posterior out in the mirror (unless you're in those cool change rooms in David Jones! I could lose hours in there!)

Triceps Metabolic Blasters

Do you want pump? Do you want glycogen depletion? Do you want totally swole (shhh Ingrid, I know you hate that word..) arms that impress the guys/ladiesssss every time?

Grow dem guns, make your triceps pop out like a pair of horseshoes.

Handle it!!

Glute Bridges

Sure, they might get people looking at you thinking "You're doing it wrong!". But what would they know?

Glute bridges are a great exercise for strengthening the hamstrings and gluteal muscles. Not to mention that one day when in need, people can use you as a bridge over a large gap becuase you will be strong enough to BE THE BRIDGE!!

Cable Biceps Curl

An Ingrid Barclay special, the cable biceps curl is a great way to show off your guns whilst working them in a cable crossover machine!

Welcome to the Gunshow! *boom*

Seated Dumbbell Side Raise

A seated variant of the dumbbell side raise or side fly. A great exercise for emphasising the lateral aspect of the deltoid, to make shoulders appear wider (which makes the waistline look narrower - always a good thing!)

By placing yourself in a seat, this prevents any cheating via swinging of the upper body.

V Bar Row

The V Bar Bent Over Row is a variation of a bent over row utilising a v bar (usually stolen, or "nicked") from a cable row machine, and placing a barbell into the crook of the V.

This exercise is a great variation for working the back differently to wide grip versions.

Close Grip Bench Press

Body Conquest Trainer Ji Cottrill demonstrates how to correctly perform a close grip bench press - in our humble opinion, the best exercise for building triceps brachii.

Chin Ups

Body Conquest Trainer Ji Cottrill demonstrates how to correctly perform a chin up.

Rear Dumbbell Fly

Renata Stojanovski demonstrates how to perform a rear dumbbell fly correctly.

Floor Hyperextensions

Floor hyperextensions, and their more difficult variant - Supermans, are floor exercises utilised for working lower back muscles such as the Erector Spinae.

This can be a useful exercise for home programmes, gym programmes, or anywhere that has a floor really.. And I'm hoping most places have floors!
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