Platinum Package Contest Coaching
Platinum Package Contest Coaching
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  • A complete nutrition strategy (progressively personalized according to "your" individual results and feedback.) Continually changing, menu plans custom designed according to your feedback/results utilizing our tasty recipes from our BC Cookquest eBook (included in package)
  • Complete Supplementation Strategy to support your adrenals and immune system.
  • Complete Oversee of Training Program/s. Training programs based on your personalized needs. Updated and revised monthly.
  • Structured cardio program and templates (based on Body Conquests) safe efficient methods and principles. 60 page manual included with explicit and detailed templates to follow.
  • On-line feedback of weekly photos (nutrition will be adjusted according to photos, skinfolds, inches, feelings and emotions.)
  • 4 Posing sessions. (Delivered via skype) Also constructive critique provided via video and email in the final weeks of prep.
  • Team uniform provided. (including a satin back stage gown, razor back singlet and hoodie)
  • Training diary
  • Hard copy of our Cookquest cookbook (eBook version also provided)
  • Full of tasty recipes for you to follow during dieting.
  • FAQ's Booklet- a comprehensive booklet which has compiled the most frequently asked questions about
  • diet, training, competition preparation (tanning, etc.) and the all- important "day of show".
  • 1 hour debrief session after the show- where to from here?" Discussing emotions, the contest experience, and any questions you may have will be answered. We will establish new goals and future plans.
  • Post competition diet and Exercise program and support so as to avoid the "Post competition Blues".(12 weeks as sophisticated as the first).This diet will 'reverse diet' you out of comp in a safe and effective manner to avoid emotional and physical ramifications. You are definitely not left 'high and dry' after show day.
  • 3 Month reverse diet eating plan to transition you back to off season nutrition. Our program uses Body Conquest Recomposer to carefully monitor body composition, with the focus being on muscle gains and a minimal fat regain.
  • Hard copy of my E-Book "Figure It Out"- An Honest Insight Into Sports Model and Figure In Australia.
  • This package includes show day prep and protocol for any number of shows in a given season.

*After initial consultation and analysis we can jointly discuss the duration of your preparation. Depending on your starting condition, we can advise you on safest time frame to get you where you need to be. This will almost always be between 12 and 24 weeks.