Silver Package Contest Coaching
Silver Package Contest Coaching
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A complete nutrition strategy (progressively personalized according to your individual results and feedback). We will continually change your menu plans that are custom designed according to your weekly feedback/results utilizing our tasty recipes from our BC Cookquest eBook (included in package)

  • Complete Supplementation Strategy to support your adrenals and immune system.
  • Complete Oversee of Training Programs.
  • Cardio advice and templates based on Body Conquest safe and efficient methods and principles. 60 page manual full of cardio training sessions provided.
  • On-line feedback of photos (nutrition will be adjusted according to photos, skinfolds, inches, feelings and emotions.)
  • Team uniform provided (including satin back stage gown)
  • FAQ’s booklet, a comprehensive booklet which has compiled the most frequently asked questions about diet, training, competition preparation (tanning, etc.) and the all-important ”day of show”.
  • 30 minute debrief session "after the show-where to from here?”, discussing emotions, contest experiences, and any questions and further queries you may have will be answered.
  • 6 week post competition diet and exercise program and support so as to avoid the “Post competition Blues”. This diet will ‘reverse diet’ you out of competition in a safe and effective manner to avoid emotional and physical ramifications. You are not left high and dry after show day.
  • Copy of the E-Book “Figure It Out- An Honest Insight Into Sports Model and Figure In Australia".
This package includes show day prep and protocol for your first show only.


*further fees apply for additional shows.