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We have a unique philosophical perspective on diets. While everybody else recommends starvation and malnourishment to destroy of the body you have, our focus is on providing the nourishment to create the body you want! Fast!

Ingrid who oversees all client diets is a qualified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). Unlike Personal Trainers, she knows nutrition and can legally write diets! Unlike Dieticians, she knows what you need to eat to gain muscle while losing fat from your training!

As you would know not everyone is the same. Therefore, Ingrid’s dietary suggestions and approach is different for everyone. This is dependant upon their metabolic health, food sensitivities and proclivities and their fitness and compositional goals. Ingrid is not a “one trick” pony when it comes to nutrition prescription. She can cater for all special dietary needs from vegan to coeliac, aquavarian to bingeovarian, from paleo to keto is certain circumstances. 

There are various nutrition programs offered at Body Conquest and different tools used to measure progress. The single best thing to do is to either come in and have a one on one free initial consultation with Ingrid, or alternatively email Ingrid for our lifestyle questionnaire. Fill that out in as much detail as possible and Ingrid will be able to guide you to what she thinks is the best way to move forward that is also cost effective for you to achieve your goals. Alternatively go to PROGRAMS here on the website and read all about your different options.

12-week fat loss course: 

The Body Conquest 12-week fat loss course is the jewel in the crown here at BC headquarters so to speak. You can also do this program on-line over 10 weeks. This program is designed to primarily lose body fat, whilst maintaining as much of your lean muscle as possible. The unique difference in this program compared to all others is in its delivery. Over the course of the 12 or 10 weeks you will also be delivered one “mini education”. This education will ensure that you learn one thing that you need to know about permanent fat loss. We will teach it to you in interesting ways such as a kitchen make over, drawing pie charts, showing you slide shows and much more. The idea is for YOU to learn how to look after your own body and not need us anymore. Ingrid’s nutritional approach is science driven not “bro science”, however she also factors in “real world” experience too. Her observations over her three decades clearly outlines certain successful approaches and behaviours so this is woven into her suggestions. Nearly 95% of Body Conquest clients begin with this program to kickstart amazing results, and you get armed with the right information as well!


What is Recomposer?

Recomposer is not so much a program as it is a tool for the trainer and client to be able to work towards recompositional and performance-based goals.

The tool allows for the tracking of as many measurable variables in nutrition and exercise as possible, so that the data may be utilised by the coach or trainer to adjust depending on the goals laid out.

By being able to track the calories, macronutrient ratios, food choices, skin folds, body weight, and training performance, more informed decisions can be made as to how to adjust a variable to create a given result.

Why Recomposer?

Whether in contest prep mode, offseason building, or just trying to improve general composition, the Recomposer tool gives you the ability to know where your body is at physically, how it responds to certain stimulus (food and training) and how to adjust it.

What does it require?

An athlete’s mentality, plain and simple. Food is no longer something to chop and change based on what you “feel” like. To improve consistency and remove variables, food choices and amounts must remain constant for 7 days minimum. If you are changing from rice, to sweet potato, to bread as your carbohydrate choice throughout a given week, how do you know what foods created which changes (if there were any.)

Access to skinfold callipers and body weight scales (and someone that can use them accurately). Body composition measurements should be done once every 7 days if possible. The skinfold measurements utilised are the Jackson & Pollock 9 site (gender specific) measurements. That is; for males, mid-pectoral, mid-abdominal, and quadriceps, and for females, triceps, suprilliac and quadriceps.

Access to the internet, and the recomposer app (your coach will give you a username and password) This is for access to your nutrition and training programs. You will need to be updating the data from your training sessions so that your trainer can view your progress.

All we ask is that you follow our prescription with consistency so that we can measure the result and make intelligent adjustments for incredible results. If you change the foods you eat every day, it’s impossible to tell you what to change for a different result. It’s that simple.


What is Metabolic Nutrition? 

Metabolic Precision is a science-based, research-proven, internationally recognised transformation system that allows you to learn the fundamentals of matching your nutrition to your exercise.Metabolic Precision addresses where you’ve got it wrong in the past and lays the foundation to success. MP creates the structure, individualisation and sustained motivation that no diet ever could. Thanks to MP's science-based, research-proven approach, you eat lots of delicious food to nourish your body and learn how to match the quantity and quality of food with your exercise. This is not a weight loss diet.... It is an education in Nutrition that will allow you to make the right nutrition choices at the right time to create a healthier and more energetic you.

What is included in the 12 Week Transformation Program?

  • Metabolic classifying – identifies the problems and gives the programming solutions.
  • How to match exercise to your nutrition.
  • Nutrient timing – make food work for you.
  • You Develop a plan for you.... creates accountability· No counting calories or weight loss gimmicks
  • An approach to suit all lifestyles
  • Turn your "good intentions" into a lifestyle..... for-ever.
  • Metabolic optimisation of health, fitness and body shape all at once

"Accountability and commitment = success" 

One Final Message

This program is not designed for those people who are not willing to make change. Changing your current nutritional habits by adopting healthy behaviours will inevitably create long-term success and a fantastic body composition.

Understand that to achieve amazing results, perfection is not desired. A commitment to strive for consistent improvements is what this program is all about.


If you are relatively happy with your current manner of eating but simply want an expert to cast their eyes over your approach and give you some refining tips this might be the best nutrition program for you. 

When you order a Custom Nutritional Profile Analysis, your information will be professionally evaluated by Ingrid Barclay. As a result, you will receive detailed guidance on where changes need to occur to significantly increase your vitality, lose excess fat, improve your strength and performance in the gym and improve your health – with the associated results you are now thinking of.

The low investment is nothing compared to the immense value you will receive. This is information you usually will never have access to.

If you have never done this before, no matter what your plans are, start here. 

What can you expect?

  • Key personal nutritional intake recommendations
  • Nutrient details with suggested intake
  • Protein Requirement Guide
  • Nutrient deficiencies and how to fix them
  • Nutrient excesses
  • Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein, Mineral, and Vitamin levels
  • Nutrient Timing guidelines to ensure the right foods at the right times

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