Gold Package Contest Coaching
Gold Package Contest Coaching
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A complete nutrition strategy progressively personalized according to your individual results and feedback. We will continually change your menu plans that are custom designed according to your weekly feedback/results utilizing our tasty recipes from our BC Cookquest eBook (included in package).

  • Complete Supplementation Strategy to support your adrenals and immune system.
  • Complete Oversee of Training Program/s. Training programs based on your personalized needs. Updated and revised monthly.
  • Cardio advice and Templates (based on Body Conquests) safe and efficient methods and principles. Provided with a 60 page manual full of cardio training protocol with explicit and detailed templates to follow.
  • On-line feedback of fortnightly photos (nutrition will be adjusted according to photos, skinfolds, inches, feelings and emotions.)
  • Team uniform provided. (a printed satin back stage gown and printed racer back singlet.)
  • Cookquest eBook full of tasty recipes for you to follow during dieting.
  • FAQ’s Booklet- a comprehensive booklet which has compiled the most frequently asked questions about
  • diet, training, competition preparation (tanning, etc.) and the all-important “day of show”.
  • 45 minute Debrief session after the show-where to from here?”
  • Post competition diet and Exercise program and support so as to avoid the “Post competition Blues”.
  • 8 Week Post competition diet. This diet will ‘reverse diet’ you out of competition in a safe and effective manner to avoid emotional and physical ramifications. You are not left “high and dry” after show day.
  • Copy of the E-Book “Figure It Out”- An Honest Insight Into Sports Model and Figure In Australia
  • This package includes show day prep and protocol for up to 2 shows in the given season. *further fees apply for additional shows.


*After initial consultation and analysis we can jointly discuss the duration of your preparation. Depending on your starting condition, we can advise you on safest time frame to get you where you need to be. This will almost always be between 12 and 24 weeks.

  • George Scott

    George Scott

    George has always been a slim girl. Her trouble has been the opposite of most; she has had trouble gaining weight. With the help of Body Conquest she set about gaining some serious muscle. In her first season George competed in Fitness Model. After taking some time off to further develop her physique George was able to add enough muscle to compete in Ms Figure. George is still training with BC continually striving to add more lean mass and improving her shape and symmetry for next season.
  • Lorrell Arcoraci

    Lorrell Arcoraci

    Lorrell signed up for the BC Fat Loss course with a brilliant outlook. She never once thought of it as a 12 week experience. She knew she was in for a lifestyle change. Being a busy mum of 2 and the owner/operator of a pizza/pasta restaurant where she worked 5-6 nights a week she certainly had her temptations in front of her every day. Lorrel went on to achieve a lifelong goal of making stage and placing second in the Figure Masters division. An amazing journey and a total weight loss of 25 kilograms.
  • Rebecca Buckley

    Rebecca Buckley

    Rebecca signed up with Team Body Conquest to continue her fat loss journey and also to get in good enough shape to take to the stage in her first ever show. Rebecca has blossomed both physically and mentally, and continually ‘checked-in’ with her coach to keep her emotionally accountable. Rebecca signed on for a second season and performed well with judges feedback being very impressed with the amount of muscle and Beck is now going down the path of some powerlifting, with a focus on improving her deadlift, squat and bench press.
  • Tim Santamaria

    Tim Santamaria

    Tim himself is a personal trainer who decided to request Body Conquest’s help to aid him take part in the Metabolic Precision 12 Week Transformation. Tim did a radical overhaul, gaining lean muscle tissue and dropping body fat right down to a tidy 6%. Thrillingly Tim’s efforts meant placing second in the transformation contest. Tim is now being mentored and is preparing to compete in Men’s Sports Model.
  • George Scott
  • Lorrell Arcoraci
  • Rebecca Buckley
  • Tim Santamaria