Body Conquest Recomposition Program
Body Conquest Recomposition Program
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After accurately measuring your fat, weight and strength, it is possible to apply a precisely measured dietary intake, combined with a strength training program, to achieve the exact body composition you desire.

This is what we do with the Body Conquest Recomposition Programs!

  • They are designed and built specifically for you, using your measurements to achieve your goals.
  • Our diets specify every gram, of every food, at every meal, every day.
  • Regular diet adjustments are made based on measurements of your body fat and weight every 7-14 days.
  • No guesswork, no starvation and no ambiguity.
  • Our strength training program details every weight to be lifted, on every set of every exercise, at every workout, to achieve strength targets that are matched to your body composition.
  • The program includes 3-4 high-intensity workouts per week.
  • A weekly phone consult to obtain measurements and tweak diet
  • Access to software to allow recording of all of your recomposition program data, plus a graph charting your compositional change, so you and your coach can review your progress.
  • Only $200 per month