Figure Girl 12 week Foundation Program
Figure Girl 12 week Foundation Program
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A balanced springboard for Figure Girl Contest Prep

The primary focus of this program is to gain lean muscle mass and improve symetry. The body part split and choice of exercises is going to improve the aspects that every fitness model and figure girl aspires to; wide shoulders, tapered waist, nice quad sweep, bubble butt and added width in the back, everything the judges look for.

Additionally there is a focus on unilateral leg strength, particularly for hamstrings, glutes, triceps and calves - something most figure girls fail to work on. Strength gains in this new aspect will mean new size and shape will follow.

With twelve weeks of clear rounded training from head Team Body Conquest trainer Ingrid Barclay, this balanced program will provide you with the perfect fouondation before embarking on your Figure Girl Quest.

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  • Balanced individual program specific to Figure Girl !
  • Guarantees competition readiness !
  • Avoid stress and miscalculation by starting your approach with a solid base !
  • Simplified Program !