Re-Invent Yourself Weekend
Re-Invent Yourself Weekend
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Body Conquest is offering a unique weekend under the complete guidance of Ingrid Barclay, coach of 30 years. These two absolutely jam-packed days is all about challenging yourself, discovering your full potential, going on a steep learning curve and, of course, having fun. Our weekend together will rejuvenate you and provide you with a clear and complete blueprint to move forward with whatever your goal may be.



If you:

  • have lost your way
  • have stalled in your progress
  • become sick of sabotaging your own progress
  • are disenfranchised with your current coach/mentor
  • need to kickstart your future goals
  • are overwhelmed with information and just don’t know the best approach for you
  • are in a binge/starve cycle you want to eliminate forever
  • have too much body fat and want to be provided with a clear and simple way to advance
  • have an interest in competing in any division under the bodybuilding umbrella, or in powerlifting

then this weekend would be an absolutely tremendous way to begin your journey.


My all-inclusive two-day weekend retreat package includes:

  • Pick up if arriving at Avalon airport (otherwise there is a shuttle from Tullamarine)
  • Approximately 7-8 hours of fitness, strength, education and nutrition activities per day which is comprised of some of the following:  Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Cardio training, Kayaking, TRX Suspension Training, Cardio Kickboxing, Nutrition Quiz, Educations on health, nutrition and mindset
  • Eight (8) healthy, nourishing meals
  • Water and healthy snacks to delight the taste buds for each retreat day
  • Individualised program covering 16 weeks of exercise prescription
  • Welcome pack, containing items you will use during the retreat weekend.
  • Body Conquest Training Diary
  • Body Cook Quest Book
  • Insight into Cardiovascular Excellence eBook

Who Is Ingrid Barclay?

Ingrid Barclay is the proud creator and director of Body Conquest Personal Training and is a highly accredited strength coach, personal trainer and fitness consultant who has been helping clients with physical change for 30 years. With a lifetime passion for the sports and fitness industry Ingrid has strived to share her wealth of experience and knowledge with her clients and creating them better, healthier more active and more rewarding lifestyles.

Professional Qualifications

  • Post Graduate Diploma Secondary Teaching
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Human Movement
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Information Systems
  • INBA Certificate Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation
  • Metabolic Precision Specialist
  • Recomposer Specialist Coach (Level 9)
  • ISSN Nutritionist
  • Certificate IV Workplace Assessment
  • St Johns First Aid level 2
  • Aust Swim Swimming Instructor
  • St Johns Sports Trainer Level 1


Ingrid has displayed an array of high performance skills in a variety of fields within the fitness sphere, most notably in the areas of strength conditioning, dietary development, performance development and as a highly qualified provider of the Metabolic Precision Program. Ingrid is also a highly prestigious Recomp Specialist Coach and therefore uses the Recomposer software to produce outstanding transformations using the world’s best transformation software. In addition, Ingrid was on the NABBA/WFF judging panel for 10 years including judging at the 2013 Universe in Vienna.

As a seasoned competitor, coach and judge, Ingrid provides an immense knowledge base and innumerous experiences to her competitive clients, which has enabled her to deliver consistent positive results for increased fitness and physical form.

Sporting Achievements

Ingrid has won numerous bodybuilding titles in her physique category in 2000, 2001 and 2002 in the NABBA bodybuilding federation. In her comeback to stage some 15 years later, Ingrid won both physique titles in NABBA, remaining undefeated.

Ingrid has since moved to the sport of powerlifting, where she has competed in 13 competitions. She won all four novice competitions before moving into sanctioned competitions, where she has also remained undefeated with her major wins including:

2017 State Title GPC

2017 National Champion GPC

2018 Summer Classic (GPC), 2018 State Title (GPC)

2018 WRPF Winner including 6 Australian Titles

2019 Summer Classic GPC

2019 State Show GPC

2019 National Champion and Triple Crown Winner


It takes a lot to tear Ingrid away from her Body Conquest Studio, given her commitment to her clients, but when she manages to sneak some hours, she can often be found at the beaches or parks around Geelong and the Bellarine with her two dogs Mac and Rollo. Holidays and weekends are never far from the scene either and unsurprisingly often coincide with state and national competitions where her involvement is always a mix of business and pleasure. When winter rolls round there's always a chance you'll find her on the slopes, watching the Demons at the MCG or curled up for that rare away from gym time watching anything belonging to the thriller genre or a good documentary.


Packaged Options

The best thing about this thorough and personalised weekend is that you can pick your exact package that suits what you want out of it. The Friday evening Get To Know You Option is mandatory; however, on the Saturday and Sunday you are able to choose up to the equivalent of 7-8 hours each day in workshops. Just bear in mind that you will be working incredibly hard and we will need to factor in some rest and meal time in between workshops and consultations!

The following is what is on offer:

Option 1 (Mandatory and First Starting Point): Get to Know You

Time Required – 2 Hours

  • Health and Medical Questionnaire Pro Forma
  • Skinfolds test done over eight sites to determine current body fat and lean mass
  • Extensive discussion of current nutrition and exercise regime
  • Examination and review of body shape with feedback on flaws in symmetry and what we can do to improve shape and/or size (if desired)
  • 'Before' photos taken and emailed immediately for your own personal journey. Done behind a white screen with a quality camera.
  • Extensive discussion of goals. If competing in bikini, fitness, figure or physique is a goal, your skinfolds will reveal how long you will need to prep for stage in a healthy and sustainable manner to look dazzling for your comp.
  • Breakdown of goals into time sections
  • Dialogue on HOW you are going to stay accountable and not fall off the wagon
  • Program written this evening so that you immediately have the opportunity over the weekend to actually get a thorough technique session on every exercise in the program.

Option 2: Program Technique Session (Highly Recommended - even for a very experienced trainee)

Time Taken – Approx. 1.5 Hours

This is your opportunity to go through every single exercise that I have prescribed specifically for you to accentuate your strengths and bring up your flaws or to get you stronger in your innovative new program. I rarely if ever see anyone do a single exercise that I cannot improve, including even a 'simple' standing barbell curl, let alone a lat pulldown where 99% of people use their arms not their lats! This will be an incredibly enlightening 90 minutes and you will be MOST thankful that you opted to do this as there will be many cues that you will need to write down as we work our way through your program.

Option 3: Nutrition – Education and Individualised Plan

Time Taken – 2 Hours

Firstly, we will need to do a metabolic classification quiz to see where on the scale your metabolism is currently sitting. We will need complete disclosure of all the things that you have tried nutritionally and the things that you have not tried. We need to discuss your sensitivities (if any) and proclivities. What foods are easily accessible to you, what foods you enjoy eating and what foods are going to help ensure you reach the goals that you have. It won’t matter whether you are vegan, vegetarian, lacto-ovo or otherwise. There are numerous ways to get lean, and we need to find a way that will happily work for and suit you both in the short and long term.

I am not a one-trick pony and therefore will not treat you as such. We will collaboratively work out an approach that you genuinely feel is do-able and right for you given whatever food issues and health problems you have. This is the fun bit. Furthermore, we are also going to devise a backup plan — because I always believe there is a plan B!

I am also going to teach you a few nutritional facts supported by science and real-world experience and yes, you will be quizzed on these before you leave to ensure that you have digested the information. All informally of course! But what you want to do is LEARN from this weekend and walk away really feeling like you are nutritionally emboldened. You need the guesswork and the mental gymnastics to stop!

In this time, we will work out your daily caloric requirements and what you need to ingest daily to achieve your goals, be it fat loss, muscle gain or both. We will be discussing meal templates, what, when and how to eat — and how much to eat.

Importantly, we will also be going through each of the chapters of the Re-Invent Yourself program and run through important key questions and answers to ensure you completely understand the program.

Option 4: Pinnacle Exercise Technique Session

Time Required – 1 Hour

In this hour you can choose from the bench press, the squat or the deadlift and we can work through improving your lift. We will cover basic to advanced techniques for each of the three pinnacle exercises and how to troubleshoot your particular movement issues. You will walk away from this technique session being able to feel far more confident to apply the principles and concepts I teach you to set yourself up for some amazing personal bests in the gym (and the platform, if you wish!).

Option 5: Pinnacle Exercise Technique Session 2

Time Taken – 1 hour

If you would like to work on a second exercise to the above you are more than welcome to do exactly the same as option 4 but on a different lift. I can almost guarantee that over this weekend you will do personal bests in each of your three lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift.

Option 6: Two Body Part Training Session

Time Taken – 1 Hour

OK, now let’s see how you handle an actual training session. I have never ever met a trainee who is not undertraining — as in, they are not training as hard as they are capable of. Let me show you what you are capable of! Let’s lift the bar so that you can then feel confident lifting after the weekend is over. Take your gym training to a new level you honestly believed was not possible.

Option 7: Different Two Body Part Training Session

Time Taken – 1 hour

The same as Option 6 but for two different body parts.

Option 8: ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) practical session

Time Taken – Max. 25 Minutes.

The attainment of an excellent physique requires a combination of proper nutrition, resistance training and cardiovascular training. Fine-tuning of a body takes balance between cardio and calories. I am frequently asked, "How much cardio should I do?" My answer is occasionally confusing! I respond with “It depends how much you are eating, and what your goals are at that given time.” I will say one thing though: if you are a sports model, figure girl or someone who simply wishes to get lean, you do not want, nor need, to be spending 1-2 hours a day doing cardio to 'burn fat'. It is needless, pointless and there is a much better way.

I will ensure that we do an ICE session that you have NEVER done before. This way you get the best benefit because you are inefficient at it. If you are inefficient at it you will burn far more calories. This session might finish in 18 minutes, or 20 but if you can last longer than 25 minutes, you DID NOT do ICE!

Option 9: End Emotional Eating Course

Time Taken – 3 hours

In our society today, we use food for many reasons outside of mere energy needs and building material for our bodies. Food is used as the centrepiece of social gatherings, it’s used for comfort, it’s used to obtain good feelings, to cope with bad feelings and, for some people, food can literally become a central focus of their entire lives.

There’s no denying that food can be one of life’s great pleasures, and to deny ourselves completely of the pleasures and feelings that food can provide is counterproductive in the long term.

That’s why it’s important to avoid all or none thinking when it comes to food, such as, "I’m either completely on or completely off my diet."

We need to allow ourselves enough leniency for our favourite foods so that we don’t feel deprived, but demand from ourselves enough compliance to constructive eating that we get the health and fitness results we want.

That said, the emotional relationship you have with food can be the difference between success or failure on your fitness journey. We each have a complex set of beliefs and emotional connections to food that are as unique as our fingerprints.

To develop a healthy relationship with food that keeps you healthy and fit, it’s imperative to become consciously aware of what you believe about food, and how you use food outside of your physical needs.

Topics Covered in the End Emotional Eating short course will include:

  1. The hidden reasons why you sabotage your programs and nutrition — and what you can do about it
  2. The AWARE principles: 5 steps to overcome emotional eating. Using belief power — not will-power — to transform your body and create a healthy relationship with food.
  3. Identifying limiting beliefs and replacing them with new beliefs
  4. Completing your social inventory (you are who you surround yourself with). How to combat negativity and not succumb to peer-group pressures.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Identify your self-concept and understand what self-concept is
  2. Understanding how your self-concept affects your behaviours
  3. Identification of triggers both in and out of your control
  4. How to combat the triggers
  5. How to replace old habits with new ones
  6. Identifying core beliefs about food
  7. Replacing your core beliefs about food if necessary
  8. Identifying YOUR roadblocks
  9. Undergo a social inventory
  10. Have a plan of attack and some positive statements to use in stressful situations
  11. Have created a new 'self-belief' system
  12. Have tools and strategies in place to permanently end emotional eating.
  13. Develop and complete your 'Picture Card' – the most important part of this process!

Option 10: 1-2 hours Posing with Sarah Taylor

Whether you are interested in competing in bikini, fitness, figure or physique, Sarah will have you covered in what will be an incredible session to showcase your physique on stage.

Sarah Taylor is Pro Miss Olympia, 4 x Pro Miss World, 2 X Pro Miss Universe, holds 12 Amateur World titles with three different federations and has competed and won at all levels in all federations in Australia as well as in four countries around the world. She is quite possibly the most highly decorated active female competitor in Australia.

Currently a judge and posing coach for ICN Victoria and previously a judge and posing coach for ANB and AWNBS, Sarah genuinely does know what the judges are looking for and will tailor your posing to show off your physique in the best possible light.

Renowned for the quality of her own posing, the knowledge and level of skill that Sarah passes on to her clients is clearly evident in how they present themselves on stage like a pro, even at their very first show.

Sarah is passionate about helping people achieve their dream of stepping on stage and refers to herself as a ‘proud mum’ when seeing her clients looking amazing and owning their performance with confidence, elegance and grace.

Option 11: Abdominal Workout

Time Taken – 1 Hour

This is your chance to do one hour of pure abdominal training where you are unlikely to have ever seen nor tried these abdominal exercises before. We can go through them and you get to practise correct demonstration and then you have a completely new arsenals, whether you are a trainee or a PT who can then teach these to your clients or indeed work on them yourself. Virtually no sit ups or crunches involved!

Option 12: Hiking in the You Yangs

Time Taken – 1 Hour

If you feel like exploring some of the beautiful and spectacular scenery of Geelong, we can do an hour hike up to the You Yangs to see the spectacular view from the top of Flinders Peak. This hike is for the semi-fit or fit only, where you will need to carry a small bag with camera, water, sunscreen and wear a cap. The trek is steep and hilly and is certain to get the heart pounding but reaching the top is well worth the climb.

Option 13: Kayaking in Limeburners Bay

The chance to give your lats, thighs and core a terrific workout in the glorious Limeburners Bay area on a sea kayak. Fun guaranteed, safe waters and a grand workout with a difference. Again, get to see a little more of Geelong if you wish.


To Be Completed Before Arriving

Upon acceptance for your weekend with Ingrid you will be posted the Re-Invent Yourself Manual for you to read at your leisure. You will be quizzed on each chapter throughout the weekend so you will need to know the information well. This is going to be your nutrition bible and will always be used as your basic plan to keep yourself looking amazing, feeling energised and performing optimally.



I have a friend who is interested in doing the weekend with me. Is this possible?
Yes, I can run the weekend with two people, no problems. You will have a room each with a double bed, and share a bathroom. We can co-ordinate the workshops and conduct everything two on one. The cost will be reduced by $500 to $2295 per person.

Can males do the Re-Invent Yourself Weekend?
Of course. The weekend is perfectly suited to males or females. I have a lot of food sensitivities. Will the food options over the weekend cater for me? If you purchase this product you will be filling out a lifestyle snapshot where I will be familiar with your food tolerances. Absolutely your food requests will be catered for.

What will we need to pack for the weekend Ingrid?
You will need to bring your training clothes first and foremost. If you have a weight belt, straps or wraps, bring those too. Anything you usually train with. You will need PJs, toiletries, hiking boots (if you have opted for the You Yangs hike), a pair of bathers if you choose kayaking. High heels if you are choosing the posing package with Sarah. A cap possibly. A camera, if you don’t have one on your phone. If you are doing some emotional eating, you will need to bring a journal. Everything else you need will be provided.

Will I have any down time?
The idea of the weekend is to fit in as much learning as possible. Having said that, there are small gaps for rest and I would envision hitting bed for sleep at about 10pm both Friday and Saturday evening as you are going to be quite tired!

The workshops will not be rushed, so you can soak in the information and will be peppered with rest where we eat and have a coffee (or tea). We may, depending on what options you choose, have time to sneak in a movie on Netflix Saturday evening. And, of course, you can soak in your bath as long as you wish!

Who else will be in your home during my stay?
I live on my own, with the exception of two gorgeous Staffordshire terriers, Mac and Rollo, and a cat named Kruze. They are all extremely chilled and friendly characters who are exceptionally well-behaved in the gym.

Do I need to be fit, strong and/or lean to do this weekend?
Definitely not. The whole idea is to improve you as a trainee, and if you are at beginner level that is perfectly fine. Everything we do will be around your personal capabilities and where you are on the fitness scale. In fact, I would anticipate some participants to be overweight and quite unfit – imagine the learning curve and body of knowledge you will obtain, if that’s where you are at!

I have an injury, am I still able to do the weekend?
Unless the injury is a broken leg, in which case I would recommend there is a better time to do it, basically yes! Of course, there may be things exercise-wise that we need to work around, but that will have minimal impact on the weekend information. Obviously, injury will have zero impact on mindset, emotional eating and the nutritional component. Discuss this with me further upon your application just to be certain.

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