• Time: 40 Minutes
  • Complexity: easy

Flaked Mackerel with Vegetables

This Japansese dish known as Saba Soboro should be served with rice and a side of thinly sliced sauteed snowpeas and scrambled eggs cooked with a hint of castersugar and a dash of saké.  The trick is to use a small spoon to tear the flesh and most importantly the fat from the skin as effeciently as possible to bring out the full flavor of the mackerel.

  • Time: 20 Minutes

Normandie Scallops

Scallops – Coquilles St. Jacques in French – are one of the regional specialties of Normandie. Served tradtionally, the ingredients are few: scallops, butter, cream, and parsley suffice to prepare these delicious gems of the sea.  Scientifically known as Pecten maximus, these bivalves are found up and down the atlantic coast of france and can live up to twenty years !