Emotional Eating Choice

Body Conquest Geelong Personal Trainer, Contest Coach and Author Ingrid Barclay talks about emotional eating and making conscious choices.

Emotional Eating Course Introduction

Ingrid Barclay is offering up a huuuuge opportunity for people to get the Emotional Eating Course delivered over 6 months. She talks about it here..

If you find yourself struggling with food control, whether it is utilising food as a crutch, eating from boredom, loneliness, or various other sensations, this course will be a toll in taking back control!

Emotional Eating Tips Part 1

Body Conquest Trainer Ingrid Barclay talks about emotional eating, her soon to be out DIY Contest Prep book, and her emotional eating course.

End Emotional Eating - Goal Card Task 2

Ingird Barclay Geelongs leading personal trainer talks through the second part of designing your picture card. All this in a quest to permanenetly end your emotional or disordered relationsahip with food. Creating the written description requires the3 use of the three "P's". Read on!
Ingrid Barclay Geelong's leading personal trainer and emotional eating expert talks you through your second task on your goal card - that of creating your written description. You have to use the three "P's" - so watch carerully to ensure that you do so.

End Emotional Eating Part 2 - Self Concept

Ingrid Barclay from Body Conquest, Geelong talks further about Ending Emotional Eating. Today Ingrid introduces the topic of self-concept quoting Brian Tracy author of Maximum Achievement for further reading. Task 3 of the program is delivered.

End Emotional Eating Part 3 - Designing Self Image

Body Conquest Geelong Personal Trainer Ingrid Barclay takes you through part 3 of her End Emotional Eating Course - Starting to create a new self image.

Step 3 - Act Out The Part