Box Jumps

The Box Jump utilises boxes of varying heights, making the athlete explosively jump to a greater height using leg power.

This exercise can be used during power sessions to improve explosive leg strength, and can also be used in ICE sessions.

Front Squats

The front squat is a fantastic alternative form of squat to the back squat. The bar is placed on the anterior head of the deltoid, moving the load from posterior to anterior.

This change has good sporting adaptations, as most sports have an emphasis on forward motion, forward tackling or forward or vertical jumping, leaping and bounding.

Many olympic weightlifters would rather compare front squat weights as opposed to back squat weights in conversation - well, this just adds a more hard core element to the movement!

With the weight pushed to the front of the body, greater emphasis is placed on the quadriceps, with less stress on the glutes compared to a back squat.

This is a favourite movement for BC Trainer Ji Cottrill.. let's get crack-a-lacking people!!

Medicine Ball Slams

How to slam a rather bouncy but weighty medicine ball rather vehemently into the ground with great vengenance and furious anger...

A really great power movement, as when performed correctly can utilise triple extension, and improve your accumulation of joint forces. This has applications with various sporting movements, such as body slams, which we all want to do at some point in our life.

Push Press

An explosive power movement variation of the military press.

This is a great exercise for iproving the explosive capabilties of your shoulders for sports training, and also a great variation to improve the type IIB muscle fibres in the shoulders for bodybuilding