End Emotional Eating

Ingrid’s 5 steps to overcome emotional eating — using belief power (not will-power) to transform your body and create a healthy relationship with food.


Join Ingrid Barclay online and tackle emotional eating once and for all. Right now, with the world in isolation, emotional eating issues are really coming to the fore, and it’s time to face them head on and put these issues behind us. There’s no better time to tackle this than now!



Ingrid will cater for, and plan around the current state of play, offering solutions that involve being at home and in isolation, but looking forward to a time where we will once again be outside and interacting with family, friends, colleagues and others.

Over the course of an hour web conferencing consultation, Ingrid will be teaching the AWARE principle. This will include:

  • Identification of triggers both in and out of your control
  • How to combat the triggers
  • How to replace old habits with new ones
  • Identifying core beliefs about food
  • Replacing your core beliefs about food if necessary
  • Identifying YOUR roadblocks
  • Undergo a social inventory
  • Have a plan of attack and some positive statements to use in stressful situations
  • Have created a new ‘self-belief’ system
  • Have tools and strategies in place to permanently end emotional eating.

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