Sophie Montgomery

Wednesday, 20 July 2016 Posted in Testimonials, Competition Preparation Testimonials

It was pure luck that I stumbled across the Body Conquests site when searching the internet for a local fitness coach, after deciding that I wanted to compete in a fitness model comp only 10 weeks out from my comp date. From the minute I met Ingrid I felt confident that this woman knew her stuff and that I couldn't be in better hands, to help me achieve my goal. It was Ingrid's encouragement, direction and knowledge that kept my on track to succeed. She checked in with me weekly to track my progress. Gave me weekly meal plans that were specifically tailored to me and my needs & her 1 hour one on one personal training sessions over the 10 weeks taught me more in that time than I've learnt in 10 years….such a wealth of knowledge!

Meindert Van Der Veer

Friday, 27 February 2015 Posted in Testimonials, Competition Preparation Testimonials


I'm going to come right out and say that this is the best investment I've made in my health and physique. As a skinny dude, I struggled for several years trying to figure out the best way to put on muscle. My results were OK – however any gains I did make was lost in the last three years – I hit a point where I simply HAD to make some changes... After researching trainers all over Geelong I found BC. Seeing all the amazing transformations achieved with previous clients backed by Ingrid's 25 years of experience in the industry led me to their free consultation. Let's just say after that, starting with BC was a no brainer.


Thursday, 12 February 2015 Posted in Testimonials, Fat Loss Programs

I completed the Body Conquest Online Weight Loss Program and lost 6Kg in 10 weeks. At first I was a bit apprehensive about the 'online' part of the program but BC provided me with useful and valuable information to stop crash dieting and transform my mind and body in a healthy and natural way. Ji is a fantastic trainer full of invaluable knowledge, was great support and I always looked forward to the weekly checkins and educations. Ji was only a phone call or email away and answered all my questions, no matter how silly they were!! I cannot describe how much Body Conquest has changed my life and given me all the tools I need to continue my health and fitness journey through life's ups and downs. I am definitely going to utilise Body Conquest again in the near future.

Amie Henry

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 Posted in Testimonials, Fat Loss Programs

Hi Ji and Ingrid,

Thank you for my 10 week Fat Loss course! What a life changer!

When I had my daughter in 2013 I had gained during the course of the pregnancy 30 kilograms. I lost 29 kilograms by the time I stumbled across the Figure It Out-An Honest Insight Into Sports Model and Figure In Australia but had ruined my metabolism (thanks Ji for that insight!) and overall body composition in the process. It really was a massive "start again" reality check commencing this course but has it ever paid off. I did lose inches and body fat and put on muscle but it really has been the education and changes to my mindset that have paid off the most. To not only get told what but why made things click and allowed me to convince the side of me that had any doubts or fears throughout the process to just keep swimming in the words of a famous fish ;)

Kirsten Engels

Sunday, 07 July 2013 Posted in Testimonials, Competition Preparation Testimonials

I 'found' Ingrid online in January 2013. I had competed just twice in September 2012 and won a state title and fourth in the national champs. Yet I knew there was something not right. My competition prep had been gruelling...actually, beyond gruelling. I spent the two weeks pre-comp literally living on 100g of steamed chicken breast and spinach leaves. I dressed this with a squirt of lemon juice and some pepper only. To compliment my food I was prescribed 60mins of brief walking each morning, a 5-set, 12-rep workout each midday, and a one hour high intensity cardio blast each evening, with a 1.5hr cardio 'extra' each Sunday. No days off.
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