Dale Rogers

Posted in Competition Preparation Testimonials

Geelong, Victoria

I am so glad that after several recommendations from friends I went ahead and hired Ingrid Barclay & Body Conquest to get me ready to compete in a figure competition!

Around 5 years ago I employed a different coach and ended up very ill and lost half of my hair and never made it to the stage due to this person not having the knowledge and experience they claimed to have. I continued to have the dream but for several years was too scared to trust another coach.

After several life changes and getting involved with Metabolic Precision and feeling quite convinced that the methods they used for competition prep would be safe for me to pursue and a few friends who had trained with Ingrid Barclay giving such high recommendations I decided to go ahead and try one more time to achieve my dream!

So the past 23 weeks have been such an awesome experience! Every interaction I have had with Ingrid and her team has always been very professional and helpful. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and was able to achieve my dream just 2 weeks ago and get up on stage in the best condition I have ever been in! I had the most wonderful day! Everything went so perfectly and thanks to Renata for helping me out backstage and getting my tan and bikini perfect and feeding me just enough lollies I was fortunate to place in both my divisions! I could not have imagined a better outcome!

Every week I have been given a new meal plan which kept things from getting boring and I can honestly say that I looked forward to about 95% of my meals throughout the whole 23 weeks even in the last week! I loved having so much variety and colour in my foods, I could tell my body was thanking me for feeding it so well! I did not feel deprived or that I was missing out at all as the meals were always so delicious! It was extremely rare that I even felt hungry!

I have really enjoyed all the programs for training that Ingrid set for me, it was great to have someone else in control of everything so I didn't have to think about anything except to just do as I was told and trust that everything would work out, which ultimately it turned out much better than I expected!

The whole team at Body Conquest were fantastic! I really enjoyed learning how to pose for stage with Renata and learn how to make my body look its best on stage! After the comp Ji took me over to Derrimutts Gym for a photo shoot in my extra lean body which was fun and also very professional!

I have had absolutely zero health repercussions during or after the competition, I am successfully reverse dieting and slowly adding back in more calories and slowly getting more strength back in the gym! Not one extra strand of my hair has fallen out and my health is in tack, which was my main priority throughout this process!

I would highly recommend the entire team at Body Conquest, this has been an incredibly positive and rewarding experience, I honestly wish I had found them years ago!

Thank you so much for helping me to safely achieve my dream!

Dale Rogers xxx