Tracy Goddard

Posted in Competition Preparation Testimonials

Geelong, Victoria

I spent a lot of time researching trainers/coaches. My goals were to improve my nutrition, build muscle and a physique that I felt confident presenting on stage. I knew that Ingrid and the BC Team were authentic, educated, experienced and held in high regard within the fitness/bodybuilding industry.

I knew that the BC Team taught you what to do to achieve your goals, not just tell you. I knew you were educated, supported and nurtured. This was all made obvious to me while doing my research.

This is what I didn't know:

-That I would learn more about myself than I could ever imagine.

-That the support I'd get would be unwavering.

-That I would be given the information, motivation and understanding to continue with my health and fitness goals way beyond and short term achievements, and that I would want to.

-That my psychological wellness would be looked after.

-That I would meet other team members who not only relate, encourage and support you in your journey but share it alongside you.

I have become a stronger person throughout my time with BC. I am more confident. I am amazed at what I have achieved which is so much more than what I originally aspired to. I accept myself more, enjoy life more, and I love myself more. I can't think of a better life lesson, or outcome, than that.