Meindert Van Der Veer

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I'm going to come right out and say that this is the best investment I've made in my health and physique. As a skinny dude, I struggled for several years trying to figure out the best way to put on muscle. My results were OK – however any gains I did make was lost in the last three years – I hit a point where I simply HAD to make some changes... After researching trainers all over Geelong I found BC. Seeing all the amazing transformations achieved with previous clients backed by Ingrid's 25 years of experience in the industry led me to their free consultation. Let's just say after that, starting with BC was a no brainer.

During my 12 weeks, I have been fortunate to have received a training session here and there from not only Tim and Renata, but Ingrid as well, I can attest to the skills and knowledge each trainer possesses and the value they contribute to BC and their clients. I have the highest respect and appreciation for the entire team, especially Ji who I trained under for the majority of the program. Training with BC Lieutenant Ji, I managed to put on 6.3kg of lean muscle mass in 12 weeks whilst staying at around 10% bodyfat! In the past it usually took me about 12 months to put on about half of that (and I'm pretty damn sure not all of that was muscle either). Not only that, but my strength pretty much doubled for the majority of my lifts: I started on a 50kg deadlift and at the end of the program was lifting 130kg.

For a guy convinced he was a skinny 'hardgainer' for life, this transformation was beyond epic and showed me what is capable when you work with those at the top of their game. This was all done without any crazy diets or fad exercises. Everything is backed by extensive science and years of experience. And as a curious creature myself, Ji always had a comprehensive and simple to understand answers to my many (and I had many) questions throughout the 12 weeks. I personally feel that I've received more of a holistic coaching experience at BC rather than some run of the mill "personal training" sessions available everywhere else. Also the regular education sessions teaching why you are doing what you are doing were great to reinforce the lifestyle nutrition plan – there are no secrets hidden from you: you really are given the tools and knowledge for continued success. Even when the day comes when I am not being personally trained at BC, I will still count Ingrid and Ji as my trusted coaches and have them guide and design my program and nutritional plans. I'm more than a little excited to see what results I will achieve through BC and Ji's expertise for the remainder of 2013...and beyond...