We have a unique philosophical perspective on diets. While everybody else recommends starvation and malnourishment to destroy of the body you have, our focus is on providing the nourishment to create the body you want! Fast!

Ingrid, who oversees all client diets, is a qualified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). Unlike Personal Trainers, she knows nutrition and can legally write diets! Unlike Dietitians, she knows what you need to eat to gain muscle while losing fat from your training!

As you would know not everyone is the same. Therefore, Ingrid’s dietary suggestions and approach is different for everyone. This is dependent upon their metabolic health, food sensitivities and proclivities and their fitness and compositional goals. Ingrid is not a one trick pony when it comes to nutrition prescription. She can cater for all special dietary needs from vegan to coeliac, aquavarian to bingeovarian, from paleo to keto is certain circumstances.

There are various nutrition programs offered at Body Conquest and different tools used to measure progress. The single best thing to do is to either come in and have a one on one free initial consultation with Ingrid, or alternatively email Ingrid for our lifestyle questionnaire. Fill that out in as much detail as possible and Ingrid will be able to guide you to what she thinks is the best way to move forward that is also cost effective for you to achieve your goals. Alternatively go to PROGRAMS here on the website and read all about your different options.

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