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In the last few years powerlifting has exploded as a sport. Body Conquest can provide powerlifting coaching to the novice and intermediate lifter wanting to dramatically increase their strength and power. Ingrid herself ‘discovered’ powerlifting four years ago and has since competed in 11 local, state and national titles and is undefeated in her weight class. Ingrid holds several Australian records currently and is the strongest woman over 50 in Australia.

She considers herself a technician and places a strong emphasis on technique in her coaching. She prides herself on her ability to study and learn the lifting style of her clients, her attention to detail and her skill in conveying messages individually to produce the best results.

Ingrid is so passionate about powerlifting and being one of the best lifters and coaches in Australia that she recently invested in a competition bench press and monolift for Body Conquest Geelong, as well as the proper Texas deadlift bar so you can train for your powerlifting event under appropriate competition equipment.

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Ingrid takes a comprehensive approach to coaching, ensuring that the lifter understands why they are being directed in a certain way, and providing cues that work for the individual.


1-on-1 Sessions

A 1-on-1 technique session is a fantastic way to begin your journey to greater strength, through improved efficiency in movement patterns and mental cues. In a technique session with Ingrid, the safest, most efficient technique will be covered on the 3 power-lifts – squat, bench press and deadlift. Alternatively, this can be tailored to focus on an individual lift, should you choose to.


Online Coaching

Online coaching is a wonderful and comprehensive alternative to in-person coaching. Coaching plans can be tailored for any goal, with a key technical focus on the 3 power-lifts – squat, bench press and deadlift. We have clients from all over Australia, as well as internationally so distance is not a problem.

Ingrid's Best Lifts to date;


Squat 207.5kg



Bench Press





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