Abdominal Exercises

3 Phase Situps

At the Body Conquest Training Facility in Geelong, a simple crunch just won't cut the mustard when it comes to working the abdominal muscles. The staff are always trying to come up with new or harder ways to improve core and abdominal strength, stability and power.


The 3 phase situp is a swiss ball based exercise that we would rate as one of the more difficult exercises to master. You will definitely be sore the following day after performing this exercise correctly.

Hanging Leg & Knee Raises

Hanging leg raises and knee raises are a tough exercise for a multitude of reasons.

It requires quite a bit of grip strength to hold your body up (this is quite a good thing if you are interested in improving such a thing)

It is utilising the abdominals and hip flexors from a completely stretched position, which can improve hip and leg drive in running, sprinting, kicking, and various other sporting movements.

If you struggle with your grip failing before your abs and hip flexors, try using chalk or straps. Maybe even use chalf for the first few sets, then as your grip gives out, switch to straps!

Jack Knives

How to perform Jack Knives, an abdominal exercise that Body Conquest trainers utilise during Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) sessions.

Leg Grabs

Leg Grabs are a variation of an abdominal crunch, primarily working the rectus abdominus and the iliopsoas (hip flexor) muscles.

Try a few sets of these and your six pack abs will soon be getting far stronger, and hopefully (with the right nutrition) start to appear and stand out like you were born to be a member of the 300 cast!

Lock & Load Abdominal Crunch

As if there wasn't enough torture abdominal exercises in this world, someone had to go and put the use of a rubber power band in to the momvement for additional resistance.

This is a pretty tough exercise, and not one we give out to first timers in the Body Conquest Studio, but I certainly dare you to try them out...

At least some other people in the gym might get a giggle if ther is an accident!

Medicine Ball Crunch

A Body Conquest Version of a medicine ball crunch.

Mountain Climbers

Not to be confused with a bearded man in explorer socks, blundstones and a flannel shirt, the mountain climber is an abdominal exercise to work the hip flexors and abdominals from a planking or push up position.

As many of you would know, Ji Cottrill is not a fan of the virtually worthless non active plank, other than for photo opportunities. But turn it into an active exercise, where you plank AND isometricallycontract the abdominal and hip flexor muscles, then you're onto something that won't score some harsh and biting criticism from him.

Go get 'em tiger!

Palm To Knee Crunches

The palm to knee raise is a variant of an abdominal crunch or situp, very similar to the one utilised by the Australian Military during the Basic Fitness Assessment (BFA).

This is a very simple crunch to improve abdominal and hip flexor strength, and can be used during Intense Cardio Exercise sessions or just as part of an abdominal/core training section.

Swiss Ball Leg Raises

Abdominal exercises can be difficult at the best of times. Here at the Body Conquest Training Studio, we take difficult and multiply it to the bajillion while turning it into a circus act of balancing on a ball!

If that's not enough to get your six pack of your dreams going, at least everyone else in the gym will have fun watching you try to get them right the first few times!

Swiss Ball Passes

The Swiss Ball Pass is an abdominal exercise utilising (quite obviously) a swiss ball as the resistance.

The advantage of this exercise is it works both the rectus abdominus and the hip flexors through both phases.

V Crunches

The V Crunch is a variant of leg raises or abdominal crunches - I would hazard a guess that you look something like a V at some point during this exercise or else someone is way off on naming games...