Chest Exercises

1 Arm Pushups

Remember watching Rocky and wishing you could pushout those 1 arm pushups while yelling out "Yo Adrian!"? No? I did!

These are a tough exercise, but if you are finding regular pushups or explosive pushups too easy, then maybe it's time to give these a go!

Cable Crossovers

The Cable Crossover is an isolation exercise for the pectoral muscles, in particular, the pectoralis major.

Often this exercise can be seen being performed in the gym in a bent over position with way heavy weights being used, which ends up bringing a lot of deltoid and biceps brachii in to the movement, especially when the arm length is shortened to make the movement easier (why make it super heavy, just to make it biomechanically easier?!)

This way of performing the cable crossover was given to Ingrid from World Champion bodybuilder and NABBA World President Graeme "Porky" Lancefield, and I think we do it justice here...

Chest Dumbbell Pullovers

A very different way to isolate the pectoral muscles.

Dips For Chest

A great demonstration of how to perform a good quality parallel bar dip for the chest muscles

Dumbbell Chest Fly

The Dumbbell Chest Fly is an isolation exercise for the pectoralis major muscles.

Like many isolation exercises, it is performed poorly by many gym rats, as they either straighten the elbows, placing stress on the shoulder and elbow, or they bend the elbows too much and turn the movement in to a quasi-pressing movement.

How To Correctly Set Up For A Bench Press

How to correctly set up for a bench press at the Body Conquest Training Studio

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Body Conquest Trainer Ji Cottrill demonstrates how to perform a incline dumbbell chest press.

Renegade Row

Everythime I hear the phrase Renegade Rows, I think of flashy scenes from Bladerunner or something cool. What is quite obviously not from Bladerunner, but may assist you in building a body similar to Rutger Hauer's is the almost whole body exercise named the Renegade Row.

Somewhere inbetween a cross of a pushup, a dumbell row and some funky break dancing is this exercise that is handy for something rather different or for use during Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) sessions.

Swiss Ball Pushups

The swiss ball pushup is a chest exercise combining the pushup with a swiss ball to be able to alter the degree of difficulty.

This is another of the staple exercises used at the Body Conquest Training Studio in Geelong for Needs Analysis, Travel and Home programmes due to the ability for all levels of weight trainee to be able to perform some type of swiss ball push up.