Shoulder Exercises

Dumbbell lateral raise

If you're looking for an exercise to widen your shoulders and achieve that "cannonball" look, lateral or side raises are one of the best deltoid isolation exercises that you can perform.

The medial head of the deltoid is not worked to the same degree as the anterior (front) head of the deltoid when using heavy overhead presses, which can lead to overpowering anterior deltoids, a drooping posture and lack of width in the shoulders.

Remember people, one of the greatest tricks to making your hips and waist look narrow is to increase the width of your shoulders!!

Push Press

An explosive power movement variation of the military press.

This is a great exercise for iproving the explosive capabilties of your shoulders for sports training, and also a great variation to improve the type IIB muscle fibres in the shoulders for bodybuilding

Rear Dumbbell Fly

Renata Stojanovski demonstrates how to perform a rear dumbbell fly correctly.

Rear Dumbbell Fly On A 45 Degree Bench

The rear dumbbell fly is an isolation exercise used to improve muscularity in the rear head of the deltoid muscle of the shoulder.

The rear head of the deltoid is the smallest of the 3 deltoid heads, and is an often undersized muscle on many bodybuilders, whether due to the fact it is out of sight/ out of mind, or that there are few exercises that work only the rear head. This means it is often left out of a workout, and will show as an imbalanced physique when standing side on.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

If you want big strong shoulders, give the seated dumbbell press a try! The seated dumbbell press is a weight training exercise in which a pair of dumbbells are pressed from the shoulders to a straight arm locked out overhead position.

This exercise works all 3 heads of the deltoid, as well as some assistance from triceps and chest muscles. It is considered an important compound movement that is quite possible second only to the military press in importance to shoulder development.

Seated Dumbbell Side Raise

A seated variant of the dumbbell side raise or side fly. A great exercise for emphasising the lateral aspect of the deltoid, to make shoulders appear wider (which makes the waistline look narrower - always a good thing!)

By placing yourself in a seat, this prevents any cheating via swinging of the upper body.

Sing Arm Dumbbell Side Raise

The single arm dumbbell side raise is a single arm version of the isolation exercise Dumbbell side raise or fly.

The single arm version allows you to concentrate on form from one arm to the next and can help to eliminate imbalances between dominant and non dominant sides.

Wide Grip Upright Rows

Upright rows are a great exercise for the shoulders, no matter which way you do them. Unfortunately, here in the gloomy depths of Geelong, girls don't want to grow a Rugby neck, so wide grip rows are the preferred option for working the deltoids hard and not over stimulating the trapezium.

This exercise is a firm favourite at Body Conquest for our competitors, as it helps to improve shoulder width, which in turn creates the illusion of a smaller waist, part of the ideal physique in any of the bodybuilding/figure/modelling disciplines.