Pro Coaching Package


Contest Preparation Program that will leave the competition in awe!



A Contest Preparation Program that will leave the competition in awe!

Body Conquest has been heavily involved in all aspects of ‘prep’ for more than 25 years with a very strong track record of success.

Ingrid and her team will prep you all the way to stage, achieving 3 key things:

  • to feel better
  • to look amazing
  • to perform better in all aspects of your life (not just your training!).

This means doing your preparation in a manner that optimises your health whilst getting you into amazing (and winning) shape and condition.

We prep you in manner that is conducive to your food sensitivities, your proclivities, your likes and dislikes. Your training is based upon what is do-able and maintainable for you during the timeline of your preparation. We are not one trick ponies. This means we do not have one way to diet you to stage. We have prepped via several different methods — ones that worked well on a number of levels for that individuals and may include but not be restricted to :

  • lower carb (NEVER no carb)
  • keto
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • aquavarian
  • raw food
  • MP
  • high fat

Your health is our highest priority

We focus on the nutrient density of food not just the calorie and macro breakdown. We believe we must eat the highest quality food in the highest quality form. This means we eat nearly all foods that we can catch, pull out of the ground or pick of a tree. Man-made, manufactured, boxed foods with ingredients that we cannot begin to pronounce tend to be omitted. Our plans are alkaline based, and have a particular focus on being anti-inflammatory. We promise that we will have you eating plenty of good wholesome foods that provide your body with the balanced nutrition it needs during this testing phase.

Our ethos on cardio

Cardio is only the fourth cog in the wheel to being stage ready. We are prepping you for a weights based sport so the emphasis is where it should be: on your resistance training and nutrition. Our motto is “feed the muscle, burn the fat”. We nearly always lift the workload before we decrease food as we believe training the fat off not starving it off.

Therefore we are not a fan of cardioing the bejesus out of you and dieting you on bird seed. This is neither a good look, nor healthy. Many of our clients cardio only once or twice a week. Cardio will be structured according to an individual’s:

  • division
  • level of leanness at the beginning
  • time constraints
  • amount of lean muscle
  • enjoyment of cardio and other variables.


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